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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does LEC offer Experiential learning for students – Yes it does offer training for students from local and SA’s Tertiary institutions. Their duration vary as per the Institution’s requirements but they start from three months and upwards but majority of them spend six months.

2. How to become an electricity vendor – One has to wait for an Expression of Interest that is normally advertised on the newspapers, website and the social media (facebook).

3. General enquiries – It depends on the type of enquiry.

4. How to purchase electricity online – We do not have such facility at the moment, except to use other platforms such as Bank Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s) and cellphone banking as well as using mobile phones.

5. Refund of electricity units (i.e lost receipt, unclear receipt) – Yes, it is refundable upon producing the correct metre number.

6. Request for job – Vacant positions are being advertised on the newspapers, website and facebook

7. Follow-up of payments by the suppliers – Requesters are advised to make follow-ups with the relevant departments i.e Procurement, Finance etc.

8. How long does it take to be connected after payment has been made – A customer is expected to be provided with service within a period of six weeks after payment has been made.

9. Relocation of power lines and poles, procedure to remove them – A customer has to fill in a relocation form at the Front Desk of each LEC office, even in other districts.

10. Why do usually testing of domestic houses takes long – There is usually a backlog due to many applications, but under normal circumstances it takes around two weeks for a domestic house to get tested.