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Electricity Saving Tips


Cooking tips
• Keep stove plates and reflectors clean.

• Only use pots and pans that completely cover stove plates.

• Use cooking utensils with flat even bottoms.

• Use a pressure cooker when preparing foods that normally take a long time to cook. They speed up the cooking process and save electricity.

• Do not overcook foods, especially vegetables. Over cooking destroys essential nutrients in the food.

• Make sure that oven doors stay closed until food is cooked.

• Bring food to the boil on the “high” setting, but then turn down to simmer until cooked.

• Use small appliances such as toasters, electric grills and skillets, slow cookers, electric pots and bottle warmers whenever you can. They use less electricity than a stove.

• Use an electric kettle to boil water rather than boil water in a saucepan on the stove.

• Do not fill the kettle when you only want enough water for a single cup-only boil the water you need.

Refrigeration tips
The fridge is the most used appliance in any kitchen, and do not ever place it next to the stove or against the wall that is not insulated and faces the sun. When using the fridge remember:
• Do not open the door unnecessarily.

• Ensure that door seals are intact. (Close the door on a piece of paper; if you can pull the paper out easily, the seal should be replaced).

• Let hot food cool down before placing in the refrigerator.

• Remove all wrapping from food before storing in a refrigerator.

• Leave space between items on shelves, this allows cool air to circulate more easily.

• Defrost fridge and clean off the dust from condenser coils/panels back side of the fridge regularly.

• Switch off the fridge when empty or you are going on holiday.

Staying warm in winter
To reduce your winter electricity consumption, there are several things to bear in mind about heating. Keep in mind that:
• Electric heaters that are controlled by thermostats are more efficient.

• Oil heaters are safest, reliable and most cost effective.

• Electric blankets are the cheapest way of staying warm in the bedroom.

• Only heat rooms that are occupied.

• Dress warmly and ensure that all windows and doors are properly sealed from letting in the cold into the house.

Lighting tips
• Consider replacing your traditional incandescent globes (light bulbs) with compact fluorescent lights lamps (CFL). These use substantially less electricity and consume only 20% of the electricity that an incandescent globe would use. They also last between 6 and 8 times longer than the traditional globes.

• Try not to install multiple lights on a single switch.

• Dust off and clean bulbs and lamp regularly.

• Use light reflective colors when painting your house’s interior wall.

• Switch off the lights in rooms that are not in use.

What are Benefits of Using CFLs?
• Compact florescent lamp (CFLs) are far more energy efficient, using far less electricity to produce a similar level of brightness. For example, 60w globe can be prepared by 14w CFL.

• CFLs also have a far longer working life e.g. Conventional incandescent bulb will provide about 1000 hours of light, while a CFL has an average operating lifespan of approximately 8000 hours.

• Although CFLs cost slightly more, they reduced energy consumption coupled with their longer lifespan means that they are far more cost-effective in long term.



Estimate costs per Month are subject to any charge in tariff charges (TARRIFF CHARGE PER kWh).

​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Electrical AppliancesElec. rating in watts (1000=1kWh)Hours per day in use Days per month in use kWh (units) used per month Monthly cost M1.22(kWh) unit (Domestic Customers)
2 Burner stove (Hot plate) 2000 3.5 31 217264.74
Refrigerator with freezer5501031170.5208.01
 Elec. Kettle 2400 0.45 31 33.5 40.87
CFL bulb147313.0384.29
CFL bulb147313.0384.29
CFL bulb257315.4256.61
Radio with cassette player 2 speakers1812316.68.05
Television 70cm color10063118.622.69



Estimate costs per Month are subject to any change in tariff charges. (TARRIFF CHARGE PER kWh)

​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Electrical AppliancesElec. rating in watts (1000=1kWh)Hours per day in use Days per month in use kWh (units) used per month Monthly cost M1.22 (kWh) unit (Domestic Customers)
2 Burner stove (Hot plate) 2000 2 31 124151.28
Refrigerator with freezer55053185.25104.00
 Elec. Kettle 2400 0.45 31 33.5 40.87
Oil Heater2000531310378.20
CFL bulb147313.0383.70
CFL bulb147313.0383.70
CFL bulb257315.4256.61
Radio with cassette player 2 speakers1812316.68.05
Television 70cm color10063118.622.69

Install surge plug to protect your electrical equipment and fittings against lightning