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How to Become a Supplier

​​​​​Suppliers wishing to conduct business with LEC shall apply for approval using the forms attached and supply the information required to LEC for evaluation. Suppliers can be of the following categories:

    •          • Services/Consultancy 
    •          • Contracts
    •          • Goods
    •          • Electrical Contractors 

The key evaluation criteria for services, consultancy, contracts and goods are:

    •         • Ownership, Management and Registration of the Company; 
    •         • Quality policies including after sale service; 
    •         • Local Manufacturing; 
    •         • Trade references; 
  •         • Any other information deemed to be of national interest of Lesotho and LEC.

On completion of the application form, the supplier should submit the form to LEC Procurement Office. Successful suppliers will be contacted to submit quotations when there is need for supply in their area of business.

LEC Purchasing Policy 
LEC strives to adhere to the following:

  • • As part of a modern world, LEC is implementing the best procurement policies; thereby striving to do business with as many potential suppliers as possible in the country and beyond the Lesotho borders; 
  • • The Company’s main objective is to obtain required quality at the best prices and acceptable delivery time. 

Ethics for selecting LEC Service Providers 
The following ethics are observed when selecting service providers:

  • • Suppliers are NOT selected by any favour but all suppliers are selected and approved on their merits; 
  • • No supplier stands a better chance of selection and approval just because of close relations to any LEC employee; 
  • • Biasness is avoided at all costs, especially by avoiding to involve LEC employees where they have interest. This therefore means that every supplier stands a chance to do business with LEC.

Application Process

1. Registration of Suppliers

Download the form below.


2. Fill in Information

All suppliers who wish to do business with LEC should fill in the form and supply information required by LEC for evaluation.

3. Submit Form

All forms should be submitted to the LEC Procurement Office.

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