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​ ​​​The Lesotho Electricity Company is faced with a humongous challenge of theft of metal with which electricity equipment is made. This notorious behaviour is known as vandalism. This involves the theft of materials such as cables, airdec, transformers, meters and tower members. This increased trend has been observed since August 2014 and is worsening as indicated in figure 1 below. Currently, the most affected areas are: ​
​• Ha – Tsosane
• Lower Thamae
• Morija​• Lithabaneng
Naleli • Koalabata 
• Ha - SeoliTsoapo – le - Bolila
• Mabote • Ha – Pita 
• Ha - leqele• Ha - Seleso
• Motse-Mocha• Qoaling
• Sekamaneng• Sephetenyane
• Teropo ea Maseru (Maseru City) Nazareta
• Upper Thamae• Morija
• Tsenola • Karolo ea Maputsoe​​​
Figure 1: The trend in vandalism cases since 2012.
Since August 2014 till February 2016, LEC has lost M1, 294, 000.00 (Figure 2 below0 of material cost. It must be noted that this can be estimated to over M2, 000, 000.00 of replacement value over a period of 19 months. 

Figure 2: LEC material costs due to vandalism

​ It is suspected that the market for the stolen equipment is the scrap yards and these have been implicated by the thieves who have been arrested. It must also be noted that these thieves operate individually and as syndicates because once initiatives are put to curb or stop the vandalism activity in one area, the thieves move to another. As mentioned earlier, the open or available market also plays a major role in increased incidents as there is a financial “destination” of the stolen items. Unfortunately, the vandals fail to understand and observe that this horrible act has the following consequences:
• Loss of life and injury for vandals and the general public;
• Damage to electricity users’ property;
• Financial loss
• Hindrance to Lesotho’s development, which amounts to sabotage;
• Unplanned electricity outages occur. 
• Time Loss: Instead of focusing on the core business of LEC which is ensuring supply of reliable and safe electricity, time is spent on repairing the vandalised equipment and restoring these essential services.

It is therefore highly encouraged that as the public we take the following actions continuously in order to police these valuable assets which supply our communities with electricity:

1. Report any abnormal activity on the electricity infrastructure to the nearest police station, the chief and LEC at 52100000;

2. Get to know the status of the electricity infrastructure in your community from time to time in order to recognise abnormalities on time.

LEC on the other hand, amongst other prevention strategies, will:
• Hold public gatherings in order to create awareness to all;
• Hold meetings with the law enforcement bodies to come up with effective and practical strategies;
• Form vandalism prevention committees with all affected (Mahokela, essential services providers, Chiefs, Community Councils, etc).

There are cases of thieves arrested red-handed or through whistle blowing by communities and those arrested have been sentenced as follows (examples):
• 7 year sentence or fine of M15, 000.00;​
• 3 year imprisonment without option of fine;
• 5 years imprisonment and surety of M20, 000.00;
• 10 years imprisonment with an option of M12, 000.00 of fine;
• 15 years imprisonment with an option of M15, 000.00 of fine.

Electricity network vandalism is a national dilemma which must be addressed by all for the benefit of Lesotho. Wherever you are, report vandalism, do not be a by stander, be part of the anti-vandalism champions!